Table: Words of Wisdom from CEOs with Big Brands

"Sixty years later, we are still squeaky-clean. It's who we are." - Michael Silberkleit, publisher, Archie Comic Publications

"A good idea gets you started. When the tidal wave of competition comes, that's when brand matters." - Mary Baechler, CEO, Baby Jogger

"We're never afraid to do what it takes to get our story out." - Gary Furst, CEO, Kryptonite

"It's good to be well-known. It's not good to be generic. The machine is not a `Zamboni.' It is a Zamboni ice-resurfacing machine." - Richard Zamboni, president, Frank J. Zamboni

"Sometimes what's fast and easy is not the best route. Sometimes it's supposed to take time." - David Mintz, CEO, Tofutti Brands

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