USB Piper Waves Off Microsoft Rumors

Analyst Ashok Kumar says the software giant will unlikely be able to shave more than a week from its planned release date of Windows XP

USB Piper discounted the rumors of Microsoft's (MSFT ) early windows XP release.

Analyst Ashok Kumar says rumors in the press Tuesday said Microsoft would pull in its release date of Windows XP by a month. Kumar notes Microsoft is not scheduled to have the "release-to-manufacturing" version of XP available until the end of August; he says it's unlikely the company will be able to compress its cycle time by more than a week.

He says Dell Computer claims to have a production version of XP, but with increased legal scrutiny, Kumar thinks it's unlikely that Microsoft would have a limited release. He notes Microsoft is expected to be on schedule for its "release-to-manufacturing" version of Professional in the first half of 2002 and the 64-bit XP in the second half of 2002.

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