The BusinessWeek Best-Seller List

Don't expect Maria Bartiromo's book, Use the News, to focus on the glamorous aspects of her job as a CNBC anchorwoman. Instead, in this month's No. 7 hardcover, she's dead serious about helping individuals find and employ information to make smart investment decisions. She discusses factors that can affect Wall Street--like Regulation Fair Disclosure, the consumer price index, money flows, the Fed effect, and momentum--along with why the intermediate-level investor should be concerned about them. And she explains how she gleans vital news from the information deluge. In one case, she tells how she was reminded that no news can be big news: Although the company had made no announcement, she saw an analyst's report noting the departure of the i2 Technologies Inc. executive whose unit accounted for 40% of sales. For Bartiromo, it resulted in a scoop, namely that i2 could suffer. You don't have to have your own TV show to gain from that kind of insight.

By Karin Pekarchik

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