Samsung SyncMaster 700NF

WHAT'S HOT: Despite competing against 19- and 21-inch heavy-hitters that boast more screen area, the 17-inch SyncMaster 700NF held its ground, rendering extremely sharp text and beautifully nuanced graphics. Its top-notch text and image quality made it one of only two models on the chart to attain a score of Excellent in both categories. It's not the cheapest 17-inch model available, but at $279 it's still a good value.

WHAT'S NOT: At 43.4 pounds, the SyncMaster 700NF earns the distinction of being the biggest and heaviest 17-inch unit we tested, though it does weigh less than 19-inch CRTs, which average around 52 pounds.

WHAT ELSE: The SyncMaster 700NF uses Mitsubishi's Diamondtron NF flat-screen tube, and it costs at least $70 less than all the other competitors we tested that use the same tube. As on Samsung's SyncMaster 950p, a nifty retracting panel on the front bezel holds easy-to-use on-screen controls.

UPSHOT: Whether you plan to crank out spreadsheets or edit images, the SyncMaster 700NF would make a superb choice.


Samsung SyncMaster 700NF

15.9-inch viewable area, .25mm stripe pitch Diamondtron NF tube, up to 119-Hz refresh rate at 1024 by 768 resolution, Plug and Play ready. Three-year warranty, 24/7 toll-free support.

Street price: $279


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