Table: The Drug Front--the Battle Continues

Several other companies have targeted cancer therapies in development


Abbott Laboratories Endothelin-A growth factor, in ABT-627 Phase 3 trials for prostate cancer

AstraZeneca An enzyme released by the EGF IRESSA receptor, Phase 3 trial for lung cancer

Cell Genesys Vaccine uses patient's tumor cells GVAX to stimulate immune system, Phase 2 for various cancers

Isis Pharmaceuticals RNA messenger protein that encour- ISIS 3521 ages cell growth, Phase 3 trials for lung cancer

Millennium Pharmaceuticals Enzyme that blocks cell death, Phase LDP-341 2 trials for myeloma and leukemia

OSI, Genentech and Roche An enzyme released by the EGF recep- OSI-774 tor, Phase 2 for lung and head and neck cancers

Sugen/Pharmacia Growth factor that stimulates blood SU5416 vessel growth, Phase 3 trials for colon cancer

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