Compaq Armada M700

This slender but powerful corporate laptop could have a better keyboard and a lower price

WHAT'S HOT: Pleasingly thin, the Armada M700 measures just 1.4 inches tall with the case closed. But the svelte case packs plenty of power: Posting a hot PC WorldBench 2000 score of 170, the Armada performed better than other PIII-1000 laptops we've tested with Windows 2000 and 128MB of RAM. It's also a long-distance runner, lasting an impressive 4.25 hours on one battery charge. A half-dozen devices can take turns residing in the M700's single modular bay: In addition to the floppy and DVD-ROM drive you get at this price, you can opt for an extra-cost second battery, a Zip 250 drive, or a second hard drive. The floppy drive also can attach externally via the included parallel port cable.

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