Table: Little Banks That Could

Other small-business lenders who put a premium on customer service.

Name/Location Assets* Strategy

BROADWAY NATIONAL $140 Focuses solely on small-business loans, and BANK New York 50% of its loans are SBA-backed.

CHEROKEE STATE $202 Considers the cash cycle of the business as it BANK St. Paul, Minn. structures loans and repayment schedules.

FIRST COMMERCE $121 Doesn't rely on credit scoring. Focuses on Charlotte, N.C. small companies' goals for long-term growth.

GREAT BASIN BANK $89 Founded by entrepreneurs. Loan officers make OF NEVADA on-site visits to customers. Deposit pickup Elko, Nev. service. Friday is homemade cookie day.

MARYLAND $120 Has 95% of portfolio in small-business loans. PERMANENT BANK Focuses on serving the personal and Owings Mills, Md. business financial needs of entrepreneurs.

METROPOLITAN $164 Unlike many community banks, will consider BANK & TRUST loans for restaurants, hotels, and retailers. Chicago

OAKS BANK & $75 Each of four branches is headed by a senior TRUST Dallas lender, and loan officers are decision makers.

REDLANDS $110 Offers small-business clients same extensive CENTENNIAL BANK range of products as a large bank would, such Redlands, Calif. as financial-planning services and insurance.

TERRACE BANK $95 Flexible collateral requirements, and loan OF FLORIDA Tampa terms are determined case-by-case.

* In Millions

Data: BW Small Biz

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