Table: BusinessWeek's Guide to Women and Investing Programs







Women It's Time: Secure A Better Financial Future


Beginner 60 four-session seminars in 2001 Communities in 42 states $20 for all sessions and materials A, R, G, E Nurturing seminars that cover the A, B, Cs. Written materials useful and easy to understand.

American Express

Financial Well-Being What Every Woman Should Know

Call local advisers (click Financial Services)

Beginner; advanced for women with high assets At discretion of local AmEx offices Local AmEx offices nationwide Free A, R, G, E Informative Web site. Seminar brochure includes worksheets that help define financial goals.

Charles Schwab

Women Investing Now


Beginner; intermediate for high-asset clients Weekly or monthly, depending on demand Communities with Schwab branches Free A, R, G Seminars and written materials useful. Web site offers many tools, but some available only to top clients.

Chicks Laying Nest Eggs


Beginner Face-to-face seminars monthly; online seminars change monthly Major cities $40 for face-to-face. No cost for online. Required book: $25 A, R, C, G Much of program geared to starting investment clubs. Participants learn to read company financial statements.


Taking Control of Your Finances

Call local brokers

Beginner At discretion of local brokers Cities where brokers are located Free A, R, G Useful PowerPoint presentation. Aimed at Dreyfus clients. Follow-up with broker if client wants.

Financial Finesse


Beginner and advanced Monthly or every two months, depending on location 15 major cities $75, with $30 off for filling out online survey A, R, G Geared to 25-to-45-year-olds who need intro. One-on-one follow-up with adviser. Telephone helpline available.

Invesco Funds

Sex Matters! Women: Take Charge of Your Financial Future


Intermediate Monthly; twice a year in Denver Major and midsize cities Free A, R, G Relatively large classes of up to 50 in Denver and about 200 at trade shows.

Mellon Private Asset Management

Call regional offices

Advanced At discretion of local brokers In 25 cities with regional offices Free A, R, G, E Aimed at clients or potential ones with $1 million in assets. Seminar topics and materials vary by location.

Merrill Lynch

You and Your Money: A Financial Seminar for Women

Call local branches

Beginner to advanced At discretion of local branches Communities where branches are located Free A, R, G, E Personal follow-up meetings available. Specialized seminars address financial planning.

MFS Investment

LifePlanning: A Program for Women


Depends on audience Regularly, by insurance companies, banks, and other sellers of products Where sellers of MFS products are located Free A, R, G, C Open only to clients of MFS intermediary. Written materials useful, especially the financial organizer-planner.

6 Steps to Reach Financial Security


Beginner Online seminars available anytime. Financial firms starting to offer live ones. Online. Live where MsMoney partners are located $25 for online. Free for clients of firms offering live seminars A, R, G Informative interactive features. Well-organized written materials. Live >seminars to be based on Web seminars.

Morgan Stanley

Your Money, Your Future

Call local branches

Intermediate Frequently, at many locations Cities with local branches Free A, R, G Free personal consultations.

Northern Trust

Financial Preparedness


Advanced Periodically, for clients and prospects 81 company offices Free A, R, G, C, E Aimed at women with high net worths.


Women and Investing

Call local brokers

Beginner At discretion of brokers that sell Oppenheimer funds Cities where brokers are located Free A, R, G, C, E Search Women & Investment section on Web for articles on investing. Book and brochure available.

Putnam Investments

Women and Investment Planning

Call local brokers

Beginner At discretion of brokers that sell Putnam funds Cities where brokers are located Free A, R, G, C, E Informative PowerPoint presentation covers many subjects in a general way.

Salomon Smith Barney

The Women's Initiative

Call local branches

Advanced Formal seminars every two months, plus others run by SSB consultants Major cities with SSB offices Free R, G, E By invitation to clients with $100,000 in invested assets and targeted prospects. Follow-up by advisers.


Women and Finance

Call regional offices (click on Meeting/Counseling)

Beginner to intermediate At least once a year at many locations Client hospitals and universities Free A, R, G, E, C Informative seminars and written materials. Telephone and one-on-one counseling available.


Intermediate 25 seminars in 2001 Major cities Free A, R, G, C Aimed at affluent women. Good online educational center.

Vanguard Group

Women and Money

Limited to client companies

Beginner About 65 a year Companies with Vanguard retirement plans Free A, R, G, E, C Search "women" on Web site for "Women and Investing" guide.

Van Kampen


Beginner Weekly at various locations Cities, towns with financial advisers Free R, G Seminars based on Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach.

*A=Asset Allocation R=Retirement C=College G=General Investing E=Estate Planning

Data: BusinessWeek

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