Table: Who's in China


Investing $31.6 million to boost production of Accords at a plant in Guangdong Province to 50,000 vehicles this year, up from 32,200 in 2000.


Set up $32.3 million venture in Fujian Province in June to expand production of projection TVs tenfold, to 150,000 units a year by 2005. Separate $29 million factory in Shenzhen to make 1.3 million picture tubes by early 2005.


Opened $28.2 million factory in Beijing in February to supply 600,000 rechargeable lithium ion battery packs this year for Nokia cell phones.


Moved remainder of color-TV production from Japan to a subsidiary in northeastern Dalian in March. Plans to boost sales in China 50%, to 700,000 units in the current fiscal year.


Last year set up a $100 million joint venture in northeastern Tianjin that will start producing 30,000 subcompact Yaris cars a year in 2002.

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