Table: How the New Web-Surfing Phones Stack Up


WHAT: A slim phone with Microsoft's operating system due out in Europe later this year.

PLUSES: Synchronizes with desktop contact lists and schedules and can handle Word and Excel--even play MP3 music.

PROBLEMS: This new hardware on Europe's G2.5 networks could run into bugs--and backlash.

NOKIA 9210

WHAT: An update of the Web-surfing Communicator, this time with a color screen,e-mail links, and the new Symbian operating system. It hit the market in June at a price around $800.

PLUSES: Already available with tested tech, backed by the world's No. 1 phonemaker. Keyboard makes data entry far easier.

PROBLEMS: Tougher and slower to synchronize to the PC; current version doesn't run on G2.5 networks.

Data: BusinessWeek, company reports

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