Table: The Complete List of 2001 Winners

Design Explorations


2001 JEEP® WILLYS Show Vehicle

DaimlerChrysler Corp.

Amtrak Acela Express

IDEO, Nikolaus Frank, Adrian Corry, IDSA, OH & CO and Amtrak

Aura Concept

Herbst LaZar Bell, Inc.

DUO Bi-directional Door Refrigerator

LG Electronics Inc., Korea

FedEx Courier Tools & 3D Branding Strategy Research

ZIBA Design, Inc. for FedEx

THAAD Mobile Command Shelter Concept

Carlson Technology Inc., Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space, Raytheon

Systems Co., Thaad Project Office, Kulick Enterprises Inc. and PEI

Electronics Inc. for Dept. of Defense-U.S. Army


Firefly Concept

Lunar Design

Hoover Q Concept Vacuum Cleaner

IDEO for Hoover, United Kingdom

IBM Info-Portal Concept

IBM Corp. and Richard Sapper, Italy

Living Memory (LiMe) Concept

Philips Design, The Netherlands, Queen Margaret University College, United Kingdom, Domus Academy, Italy, Imperial College of Science, Tech.& Med., United Kingdom, and Universite Rene Descartes, Paris V, France

New York City Transit R142A Subway Car

Antenna Design New York Inc. and Arts for Transit for MTA New York City Transit


Andersen Windows Research

Design Continuum and Andersen Windows, Inc.

Avant Dental Handpiece Concept ZIBA Design, Inc.

BLU Concept

Lunar Design


GVO Interaction and Ericsson Research/Cyberlab Singapore

Cisco 3G Concept

Gingko Design Inc. for Cisco Systems

Compact Mobile Phone Concept

Samsung Design Europe, United Kingdom

Crossroads Concept

Wilsonart International, inside design and C.C.D.

Dell Latitude Design Language

Dell Computer Corp., M3 Design Inc., Design Edge and Pentagram Design

mAcrowave: New Frontiers for the Modern Microwave

James Irvine, Italy, Konstantin Grcic, Germany, Christophe Pillet, France, Riccardo Giovanetti, Italy, Whirlpool, Italy, Latin America and N.A. for Whirlpool Europe, Italy

Modular TV Concept

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Korea

NEXCA SDC-200i Digital Camera Concept

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea

Stanley Garage Door Opener Research

Hauser, Inc. for Innovative Home Products, Inc.

TETRA Terminal & Wearable Mobile Solution

Steiner Design Assoc., Symbol Technologies, Inc. and Geoff Swope

Windstar Solutions

Maytag Appliances, Ford Motor Co. and Blue Dot



50 Years of TV and More

Ralph Appelbaum Associates for Globo Media Corp. c/o Magnetoscopio, PV Com Ltd., Brazil

Amtrak's Acela™ Station Signage

Calori & Vanden-Eynden/Design Consultants and Wallace Roberts & Todd for Amtrak

FedEx Center Environment

ZIBA Design, Inc. for FedEx

Hewlett-Packard COMDEX Tradeshow Booth

IDEO, Stone Yamashita Partners, Kaleidoscope, Valiant Pictures, Jack Pacheco Creative, Contempo Design, Landor Associates, Muse Presentation, Scene 2, design,, Manalagi Group and Flapjack Interactive for Hewlett-Packard

Rose Center for Earth and Space

Ralph Appelbaum Associates for American Museum of National History


Congo Gorilla forest & Environmental Education Center, Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx

Helpern Architects, Wildlife Conservation Society, Jolly Miller, Mahler Architectural Consultants and Hayden McKay Lighting Design North Elliott & Associates Architects

RockShox InterBike 2000 Exhibit

Mauk Design for RockShox

Streetscape Signage for Lower Manhattan

Pentagram Design for Alliance for Downtown New York, Inc.


IDEO and Bridge Design, Inc. for STREETSPACE

Virgin Atlantic Airways, Ltd. Clubhouse

Eight Inc. and Virgin Atlantic Airway Ltd., United Kingdom


AIGA Risk/Reward

Pentagram Design for American Institute of Graphic Arts


MOTO Development Group

New Steuben Flagship Store

Ralph Appelbaum Associates for Steuben

Retail Investor Kiosk

Robert Luchetti Associates for Fidelity Investments

RockStyle at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Pentagram Design for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum

US Courthouse & Federal Building

Richard Meier & Partners and Spector Group for General Services Administration

Students Designs



Kelly Kruse, California College of Arts & Crafts

ReThinking the Thumbtack

Scott Kochlefl, Michael Vostal, Laura Naughton, Matthew Wertz and Teresa Barin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Matthew Boyko, Cranbrook Academy of Art


Cala Llonga Hotel

Denise Joan Assad, Art Center College of Design

COSiE (COmmunication SEnsitivity)

Oliver McLachlan, Syracuse University

Escorted Shopper System

Chris Hosmer, IDSA, Syracuse University for Symbol Technologies


Henry Law, San Jose State University


Charis Ng, IDSA, of Rhode Island School of Design for Rhode Island School of Design

Prescription Medicine Bottle

Mark Baskinger, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Shane Kohatsu, California State Univ. at Long Beach and Compaq Computers Corp. for Compaq Computer Corp.

Taming of the Ring

Celine Pering, Stanford University

USPS Delivery Vehicle

Mark Baskinger and Ki-Chol Nam, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Jason Born, IDSA, University of Cincinnati

bubble light

Aaron Rincover, Art Center College of Design

Chameleon-Body MP3 Player

Johan Linden, California College of Arts & Crafts and fuseproject for fuseproject

ERGOS (Ergonomic Orbital Sander)

David M. Neighbor, San Jose State University

You're Toast!

Henry Law and Daniel Cram, San Jose State University



Chrysler PT Cruiser

DaimlerChrysler Corp.


Bombardier Inc., Canada & U.S. for Bombardier Motor Corp. of America

Karlyn Cleat

Karlyn Group LLC

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Interior and Seat

Virgin Atlantic Airways, United Kingdom, Priestman Goode, United Kingdom, Pentagram Design, United Kingdom, Equation Lighting Design & Productions, United Kingdom, and Weave Plan, United Kingdom


Bombardier DS 650 ATV

Bombardier Inc., Canada, and Prevost EHR, Canada

C-Class Automobile

DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany for Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design of N.A.

Control Max Docking System

Bonnette Design Group, Brunswick Research and U.S. Marine for Maxum

Marine Master Lock Steering Wheel & Airbag Lock

Design Continuum and Master Lock

Consumer Products


BODUM Santos ©

BODUM AG/Bodum Design Group, Switzerland

Child Safety Night Light

LPK, GE Lighting and Innovata

Psa[play 120

Nike, Inc.

SmartTrack Kayak Control System

Manatee Design for Cascade Designs Inc.

Spin-Steer Technology™ Lawn Tractor

Henry Dreyfuss Associates for John Deere Worldwide Commercial & Consumer Equipment Div.


BabyBjörn Plate & Spoon ©

Ergonomi Design Gruppen, Sweden, and BabyBjörn AB, Sweden

Bionaire Humidifier

Herbst LaZar Bell, Inc. for The Holmes Group

E-cast Digital Jukebox & Countertop Gaming Device

Frog design, Inc. for E-Cast, Inc.

GBC 950s Paper Shredder

Herbst LaZar Bell, Inc. and General Binding Corp.

JBL GTi Automotive Subwoofers

Lum Design Associates and RKS Design Inc. for Harman Consumer Group

Maytag Neptune© Washer

Maytag Appliances

Nike Quest Hockey Skate

Nike, Inc.

Nike Triax 300

Astro Studios, Pixe, Lunar Design and Nike, Inc.

OXO Grind It

Smart Design LLC for OXO International

Ridgid 10" Portable Table Saw

Emerson Tool Company

Ridgid Robohammer

Emerson Tool Company

Silicon Film EFS-1 Digital Imaging System

IDE Inc. and Silicon Film Tech Inc.

Soft Edge Ruler

ECCO Design Inc. for Back GmbH, Germany

SUB-ZERO 400 Series/Wine Storage

Jerome Caruso Design Inc. for Sub-Zero Freezer Co. Inc.

The Flowlab Deep Carve System


Twirlin' Whirlin' Garden

Fisher-Price Inc.

UNO Waffle Makers

VillaWare for Williams-Sonoma

WallFlower Bath Accessories

Ancona 2, Inc. for Oxford Bath & Home





Bolder Designs, Inc. for AG Industries

Cordless Hanging Telephone

Michael Graves & Associates and Con-Air Corp. for Target

Ergo Product Line

Anderson Design and Applica Consumer Products, Inc.

Infinity Modulus Loudspeaker System

Ashcraft Design and Origin Design for Infinity

Jammin Draw

Fisher-Price Inc.

Jeep® Titanium CD Boombox

Fitch for Kash 'n Gold Telemania, Inc.

LP130 Micro Portable Digital Projector

Fiori and InFocus Corporation, Inc.

OXO Good Grips Nylon Tools

Smart Design LLC for OXO International

Polaroid I-Zone Instant Pocket Camera

Polaroid Corp. and IDEO

Pyrex® Storage Deluxe

World Kitchen, Inc. and KEK Associates, Inc.

Ridgid 13" Thickness Planer

Emerson Tool Company

Rockrider Mudguard

Decathlon, France

sdm[triax 100

Nike, Inc.

Storex 3-Ring Binders

Gad Shaanan Design, Inc., Canada for Storex Industries Corp., Canada

The Ladder Safety Grippster

artjar for The Grippster Company

The Rabbit Corkscrew

Pollen Design for MetroKane

Vileda Pro Wring Mop

PBS Design, Inc. for Freudenberg Household Products, LP US

VM300 Exercise Bike

Decathlon, France

Medical & Scientific Products


East3 Thoughtcaster

BOLT and Spark for Attention Builders, LLC

Immersion Medical AccuTouch Endoscopy Simulator

ION Design and Immersion Medical


Bridge Design and Alara, Inc.

VistaLab Ergonomic Pipette

frog design, inc. for VistaLab Technologies


Arrow Stand

Modo, Inc.

Infiniti Rollator

Hallgrimsson Product Development, Canada for Dana Douglas Inc., Canada

LightSpeed Plus/Computed Tomography Scanner

GE Medical Systems, U.S. & Japan

Mallinckrodt Breeze CPAP Mask

IDEO and Mallinckrodt

Nephros Renal Replacement Therapy System

TEAGUE, Plexus and Nephros

Waterpik Battery Powered Dental Flosser

Volan Design LLC for Waterpik Technologies, Inc.


Nautilus Endoscopic Stone Retrieval Instrument

Bilitz Design, Inc. for Annex Medical Inc.

OptiView Integrated Network Analyzer

Fluke Networks Inc.


Siemens Medical Systems Inc., Ultrasound Group

VIDAR SIERRA X-Ray/Film Digitizer

Bresslergroup, Inc. and Vidar Systems

Wild Flossers Dental Floss

ION Design, Placontrol and Techniform

Business & Industrial Products



Alcatel, Canada

COMPAQ MP2800 Microportable Projector

Compaq Computer Corp.

Credence Kalos XW Testhead

frog design, inc. for Credence Systems Corp.

Motorola NFL Headset Generation II

Herbst LaZar Bell, Inc. and Motorola Inc.

SB-200/SB-300 Transport Refrigeration Unit

Thermo King Corp. for Ingersoll-Rand Co.


Dial Soap Dispenser

ZIBA Design, Inc. for Dial Corp.

Flex 4000 Premium Shears

Fromm International

Lipton Brewed Iced Tea Dispenser

Worrell Design Inc. and Lipton Creative Resources for Unilever Bestfoods, N.A.

Precision Air Assembly Tools

Group Four Design and Ingersoll-Rand Co.

Terabeam RPC/HPC Optical Transceivers

TEAGUE and Terabeam


Cadant C4 Cable Modem Termination Systems

Ignite Design for Cadant, Inc.


Tesign, Germany for MAN Roland, Germany

Gitzo video head G2380

Rufus Albemarle Ltd., Gruppo Manfrotto, Italy, and Bogen USA

M/D Totco V-ICIS

Design Edge for MD Totco

Motorola FlexPass Access Control Readers

Lunar Design for Motorola Inc.

Sears Shopping Cart Stroller

Priority Designs, Inc. for Ohio Steel

Stanley FatMax 24" Magnetic Level

The Stanley Works

Computer Equipment


IBM TransNote

IBM Corp., U.S. & Japan

Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical

Microsoft Corp. and Surface Strategy

M-Systems Flash Key

ZIBA Design, Inc. for M-Systems, Israel

Titanium PowerBook G4

Apple Computer, Inc.


Whipsaw, Inc.


IBM eserver pSeries 680

IBM Corp.

IBM Netvista X40i Personal Computer

IBM Corp., Italy, and Richard Sapper, Italy

Labtec Verse-504 & 514 Voice Access Microphones

Fiori for Labtec

Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander

Microsoft Corp.

Palm™ m100

Lunar Design and Palm, Inc.


3Com Ergo Audrey

IDEO, Razorfish and 3Com

ATP5 Speaker System

ION Design and Altec Lansing Technologies

G4 Cube

Apple Computer, Inc.

HP Pavilion 2000

Fuseproject, City Electric and Hewlett-Packard

Microsoft Trackball Explorer

Microsoft Corp. and Surface Strategy

Pro Speakers

Apple Computer, Inc.

Razer Boomslang 1000 & 2000

Fitch and Michael Roberts for kärna LLC

ThinkPad 2000 Family

IBM Corp., Italy, and Richard Sapper, Italy

ToUcam (V-mail Camera)

Philips Design, The Netherlands for Philips Consumer Electronics, The Netherlands

Web Engine Product Family

Bleck Design Group and Network Engines, Inc.

Digital Media Interfaces


MF Doom Music Video

Iguana Studios for Sub Verse Music, Inc.

MoodLogic Magnet Browser

Triplecode for MoodLogic


Heffernan Icons

Pentagram Design for Heffernan

Mahlum Architects Web Site (

Hornall Anderson Design Works, Inc. for Mahlum Architects

Rayman2: The Great Escape

Ubi Soft Entertainment, France

Speed Devils Online Racing

Ubi Soft Entertainment, Canada


2ce Browser

frog design, inc. for 2ce, Inc.

Disney's The Jungle Book Rhythm n' Groove

Ubi Soft Entertainment, Canada

eyemodule2 Digital Camera User Interface


Hest & Kramer Website

Design Guys for Hest & Kramer


Orinoco Online ( for The Fundación Cisneros



FedEx Furniture System

ZIBA Design, Inc. for FedEx

Photovoltaic Sunshade

Kawneer Company, Inc.

Soft (Lighting) Collection

Karim Rashid Inc. for GEO Kovacs Lighting Inc.


Arcata Bench

Stewart Licensing for Landscape Forms

Axor Starck Shower Circle

Agence Philippe Starck, France for Hansgröhe AG, Germany

Kohler Professional Kitchen Systems

Kohler Co.


Bellox Classic Torch

Parallel Innovation Inc. and Bellox Research LLP


Steelcase Inc. for Steelcase Wood Furniture

Duette® with UltraGlide Operating System for Honeycomb Shades

Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Division

Red Grasshopper

5D Studio for Herman Miller Red

RichMar (Rosie) Rollstand

Modo, Inc.

Packaging & Graphics


Microsoft Office 2001 for Mac

Radius Product Development, Inc. and Ivy Hill Corp. for Microsoft

SPOT Endoscopic Marker Packaging

BOLT for GI Supply


Philou Hair Products

fuseproject for Philou Inc.

TDK Stack CD Case

IDEO and TDK Electronics Corp.


NapaStyle Packaging

Pentagram Design for NapaStyle

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