Instant Expert

Dot-Com Fire Sales

With so many companies folding, it's a good time to upgrade your own technology or furniture--by buying their leftovers.

Case in Point

Ken Smith was on eBay looking for dolls for his daughter. Instead, he hit the technology mother lode. An engineer with Equipe Communications Corp., an Acton (Mass.) startup with 100 employees, Smith stumbled across a brand-new Lucent telecom switch that lists for $150,000. He got it for $10,000. He also picked up a $3,000 Cisco Systems Router for $700. Both items came from failed technology companies. "It's a gold mine," Smith says.


On the Web, specializes in tech equipment; auctions equipment, electronics, and furniture; and auctions bulk quantities of office furnishings and supplies. Liquidators also sell barely used merchandise. Liquidations Inc. ( sells high-end office furniture, such as a $3,000 Steelcase workstation for about $1,500. For a comprehensive list of used office furniture wholesalers and retailers, see

By Joan Raymond

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