Table: Broadband Blues

Still years away for most consumers, the limited availability of high-speed Net access is putting the brakes on a myriad of once-promising new markets.


Dismayed by ineffective banner ads, Madison Avenue has been pining to put multimedia spots on the Web. Without broadband, that won't happen.


Faster Internet connections should encourage more spending online. AOL generates about $7.75 a month per user in advertising and commerce revenue in the slow-speed world. That should double in the high-speed era.

Digital Media

Startups such as, Pseudo Programs, and Digital Entertainment Network have gone out of business. Few people will watch short films on a tiny screen with the jerky motion of slow connections.

Interactive TV

A slew of hyped new TV services, such as the ability to find sports statistics online while watching TV broadcasts, have been pushed back until high-speed access gains a mass market.

Data: BusinessWeek, Lehman Brothers

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