Financial Aid Links - One of the most comprehensive Web resources on financial aid, this well-organized site (rich in content but poor in graphics) has information for parents, students, and aid administrators on loans, grants, and even scholarship scams. Make sure to check out the financial aid calculators, including the college cost comparator, loan payment calculator, and savings plan estimator. - This site, which specializes in enabling aspiring MBAs to apply to more than 150 schools online, outlines a four-step approach to financing your MBA, including info on aid. - This is a must stop if you're seeking federal aid. This Department of Education site contains the online version of The Student Guide 2000-2001, a useful resource for federal loan applicants. - The official Web site of the Graduate Management Council offers concise information on federal loans and private loans, scholarships, grants and work study programs. - The nation's largest loan provider has comprehensive information on all kinds of student loans. Features include a free Web-based scholarship search, plus college cost calculators. - The student loan site of Citibank contains information on various loans offered by Citibank -- and also allows you to apply online. If you are clueless about loans, the site walks you through a simple example. The site also has an extensive glossary of financial terms. The online loan application takes five minutes if you have the relevant information at hand. - This well-designed site is easy to navigate and is packed with information on student loans. The features include budgeting tools, online counseling, and banking information. The site also offers online applications for student loans. - This nonprofit group's site lets you apply for loans online and offers additional programs such as Need Access, a service that gathers additional financial data from students to determine eligibility for financial aid. Another site feature is Access Advisor, a financial planning guide you can download. - This is the fastest way to apply for federal loans. The Department of Education Web site allows you to submit the FAFSA online. - This site contains free software for FAFSA Express, an easy-to-use package that helps you submit the FAFSA via PC and modem. - The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators has extensive resources and publications on financial aid. This site, though, is subscription-based and requires a yearly fee. - A sure stop if you're a minority student looking for financial aid. The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management site outlines application procedures and deadlines for prospective students seeking aid. The Consortium is an organization that provides support to African-American, Hispanic-American and Native American students. - The official Web site of the National Black MBA Assn. is a good resource for minorities looking for scholarships. You can check out deadlines and download a scholarship application form from the site. - The official Web site of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs offers information on scholarships for Hispanic b-school students. The site includes tips and guidelines for prospective applicants. You can also download scholarship application forms from the site. - This site offers detailed information about loans tailored for MBA students under the Total Higher Education (T.H.E) loan program. You can also download MBA financial planing guides and apply for loans online. - This site offers various student loans products as well as a payment optimizer, a tool that allows you to better manage your finances. You can also contact customer service representatives via an innovative Web call-back feature. - Educaid, a division of First Union Bank, offers a 15-minute interactive seminar on the financial aid process, plus various loan products. - This free scholarship search service has nifty tools such as a college cost calculator and loan analyzer. The site also features useful information on the financial aid process. - This site offers information on different types of student loans. The site also features an online loan application and links to numerous financial Web sites. - If you're an international student, this is an excellent resource for scholarships and grants. The International Institute of Education administers the Fulbright scholarship program, and also has information on country-specific grants, deadlines, and contacts. - A useful service for international students, MBA plaza offers information on scholarships and grants in more than 30 countries.

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