Table: Scenes of a Marriage

The combined Alcatel-Lucent would be a global telecom powerhouse, but it trails rivals in some critical markets.


VOICE Lucent's U.S. foothold could Nortel, Siemens, NEC, Fujitsu provide new buyers for Combined Alcatel/Lucent Alcatel's gear in this $26 market share: 50% billion market--and vice versa.

NET ACCESS Alcatel is No. 1 in the fast- Cisco, 3Com, Efficient growing DSL modem market, and Networks Alcatel/Lucent Lucent's Ascend unit leads in share: 33% dial-up Net access.

NET PLUMBING Neither Lucent nor Alcatel has Cisco, Juniper, Nortel gained success in Net routers, Alcatel/Lucent share: 32% but the two own 60% of telecom data switches.

WIRELESS It's a potential $500 billion Ericcson, Nokia, Motorola market over the next decade. Alcatel/Lucent share: 21% Nobody can afford to miss out.

OPTICAL Demand may be down for now in Nortel, Fujitsu, Marconi, this $25 billion market, but Ciena Alcatel/Lucent expect huge growth long-term. share: 15%

Data: Dell'Oro Group, Merrill Lynch

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