Table: Do Your Homework

To learn more about how your business can work with your local school system, try these resources:

The Business Coalition for Educational Reform., 800 787-2848

National, state, and local business groups seeking to improve schools. Some are more policy-oriented, others provide schools with resources. Use the "State and Local Coalitions" search engine to locate groups in your state.

The National Association for Partners in Education Inc., 703 836-4880

Helps school districts and other organizations set up and run partnership offices.

The National Employer Leadership Council., 800 360-NELC

A resource for employers interested in creating work-based educational initiatives such as internships. Use the "Employer Models" search engine to locate programs in your state and in specific industries.

The National School-to-Work Learning & Information Center., 800 251-7236

A joint project of the Labor and Education Depts. that works with local communities to help prepare students for the workforce. Use the "Resources" search engine to find articles on effective state programs.

The Education Dept.'s Partnership for Family Involvement in Education., 800 USA-LEARN

Provides support and acts as a clearinghouse for educational partnerships. Use the "Partners" search engine to locate local programs.

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