Table: Covisint Downshifts

Will slower and steadier win the race?


DaimlerChrysler, Ford, and GM Covisint handled just $1.5 billion launch Covisint, hoping to in purchasing from the Big Three in consolidate their $600 billion 2000, comprised mostly of low-tech in annual purchasing and discover supplies. Startup problems have put huge savings in the process. the IPO on hold until 2002.

By charging small fees for each Covisint hopes to move away from transaction, Covisint plans to transaction fees. Instead, it will make billions in revenue and sell subscriptions for more ad- go public by yearend. vanced products and services, such as collaborative-engineering soft- ware, logistics, finance, and bid- management tools.

Its founders hope to enlist other Covisint isn't the only game in auto makers and suppliers, making town: Other auto makers and sup- Covisint the world's leading pliers are using alternative source for auto materials and portals or their own exchanges parts in order to build its to auction and buy parts and revenue. materials.

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