Table: What Makes Mike Run

A short history of the man and his company


Born on Valentine's Day in Medford, Mass.


Graduates from Johns Hopkins University with an engineering degree.


Earns his MBA from Harvard University; goes to work for Salomon Brothers in low-level job counting securities by hand. Over the next 15 years, rises to partner and head of block trading operations.


Fired from Salomon in August amid political in-fighting. Using his $10 million partnership payout, he starts his own company providing financial data, Innovative Market Systems (predecessor to Bloomberg LP).


Twenty data terminals installed at Merrill Lynch, which also gives him $30 million for a 30% stake in the company. Bloomberg eventually buys back one-third of that stake for $200 million.


Opens sales office in Sydney, its second in the Asia-Pacific region.


Starts a wire service, Bloomberg Business News; the 10,000th terminal is installed.


Launches Bloomberg magazine and gets into radio by acquiring a New York station.


Divorces wife Susan Brown. Still considers her one of his best friends. They share custody of their two daughters, Emma, 21, and Georgina, 18.


Bloomberg terminal is hooked up in the lounge of Manhattan power eatery 21 Club, one of Bloomberg's favorite spots.


Salesperson Sekiko Sakai Garrison files a lawsuit against Bloomberg, alleging sexual harassment. Bloomberg settles three years later. Two similar claims are filed: One is dismissed, the other withdrawn. In April, publishes his autobiography, Bloomberg by Bloomberg. Best line: "That's money talking. It's what got us the publicity--made Bloomberg, if not a household name, at least a synonym for success--and ensures that some day I'll have a long obituary in The New York Times."


Pledges $45 million to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins, bringing his total contributions to $100 million. The school's Bloomberg Center for Physics & Astronomy opened in 1990.

Utters now-famous quote about his hobbies: "Theater, dining, and chasing women. Let me put it this way: I'm a single, straight billionaire in Manhattan. What do you think?"


Arranges for Bloomberg TV anchors to record announcements for the Metropolitan Transit Authority's new subway cars.


156,000 terminals installed, nearly triple the number six years earlier, in some 100 countries. More than 7,000 employees work in 9 sales offices, 2 data centers, and 79 news bureaus around the world.

Hires heavyweight political consultant David Garth in February to help him prepare to run for New York City mayor. In March, steps down as chairman of the board of Bloomberg LP and adds four new board members, including former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt.

Data: Bloomberg by Bloomberg, BusinessWeek

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