Table: The Travails of Singapore's Government-Linked Corporations


This $1.8 billion industrial conglomerate has not been able to sell its Internet service provider and had to shelve a $166 million equity placement. It now regrets buying into an Australian power plant.


Stock has been hammered by fears it's overpaying for Australia's Optus mobile phone operator. Its government links may have scuttled its bids to invest in HK Telecom and two Malaysian telecoms.


An auction for four 3G licenses attracted only three bidders and resulted in meager revenues.


Singapore bank has bid to acquire Hong Kong's Dao Heng Bank for $5.3 billion. But its efforts to diversify elsewhere in Asia have not worked well. CEO John Olds recently resigned.

Singapore Airlines

Richly profitable, but analysts think it overpaid for a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic. It bid unsuccessfully for Ansett Australia.

Data: BusinessWeek, Company Reports

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