Table: Killing Time Before It Kills You

Hour 1: Boarding delayed for an hour

Pull out your VIP club card and head to the lounge for a drink. Tell your client you'll be late.

Hour 2: Uh-oh. Flight's canceled

Punch the airlines' 1-800 numbers that you've stored in your cell phone. Book a new flight.

Hour 3: Settle in, wait for your new flight

Get some work done. Log on the Net wirelessly via airport networks like Wayport or MobileStar.

Hour 4: You're No. 245 in line for takeoff...

and you're hungry. Pull out your freeze-dried cheesecake ($4.39; Just add water.

Hour 5: Bad weather, flight diverted

Take control and fly plane with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 ($24.95). You're virtually there.

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