Table: Flight or Fight

Travel troubles aren't going away anytime soon. These programs and services could help


Check in over the Web from your own computer and print a boarding pass for a Northwest Airlines Corp. (NWAC ) flight at Coming later this year: American Airlines Inc.'s Roving Agent, a wireless check-in system. Roving service staff will find you in the terminal, check you in, and give you a boarding pass, all via a wireless device. Already available at the San Jose airport.


Travel Web sites and have wireless applications to book or change flights from your cell phone or PDA.

TRAVEL ARRANGER's new service lets designated staffers in your office set up travel for you over the Web. You can still access and change reservations yourself from the road.

EASY REFUNDS customers can receive $25-$100 refunds for delayed flights and $100 on canceled flights for three domestic carriers--American (AMR ), Continental Airlines (CAL ), and US Airways.


American, Delta Air Lines (DAL ), and Continental are doubling overhead bin space on many planes. That means more carry-ons--and a faster exit.


Laptop Lane has 26 locations at 18 airports. Pay $40.75 an hour for a cubicle with multiline phones and high-speed Net access.

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