Table: Are You Losing It? Here's How to Tell

"Hard work and emotional distress are not the same," says New York psychiatrist Jeffrey P. Kahn, who designed this simple quiz to see if you've crossed the line.

Got Attitude?

1. Do people say you are pushing too hard?

2. Can you relax on holidays or vacations?

3. Does work feel like drudgery?

4. Is it hard to get excited about growing your business?

Can't Relate?

1. Do people say you seem confrontational or remote?

2. Have your feelings toward family or friends changed?

3. Do people seem increasingly incompetent?

4. Do relationships take more effort?

Moody Blues?

1. Do people say you seem sad or irritable?

2. Do you feel suddenly anxious or angry?

3. Has your appetite changed?

4. Do you have trouble sleeping?

5. Are you using more alcohol or drugs?


YES to one or two: Stress may be getting out of hand.

YES to four, or two in two categories: Talk to a friend or family member.

YES to more (or if symptoms persist): See a professional

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