Table: A Garage Sale at the Phone Company

The Netherlands' KPN is trying to sell assets to reduce the $20 billion in debt it has built up from bidding on new wireless licenses and acquiring a German wireless company. Here's a sampling of what it's trying to sell:


EIRCOM AND EIRCELL 21% $1,350 Mobile giant Vodafone is buying Irish mobile-phone operator Eircell for $788 million. Unloading Eircom, the landline business, however, will be difficult.

NETWORK CONSTRUCTION DIVISION 100% 900 Buyers for this Dutch operation may be scarce in this investment climate. KPN may end up selling off only part of the business.

CESKI TELECOM 20% 870 Sale of Czech phone company could be difficult, since there are few buyers looking for marginal East European operations.

PANNON OPERATOR 45% 540 Selling the stake in the Hungarian mobile operator should be pretty easy. The mobile business is promising, and KPN says it already has interested buyers.

Data: KPN, Fortis Bank

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