Terry Semel's Stress Test at Yahoo!

The Hollywood veteran has clout and connections galore. He'll need all that and more to turn the ailing portal into a media powerhouse

Is former Warner Bros. Chairman and co-CEO Terry S. Semel the right guy to fix an ailing Internet powerhouse? Yahoo! Inc. certainly thinks so. While it's not clear how much cash the 57-year-old mogul was offered to come on board, there's no question he'll supplant longtime Yahoo! boss Timothy A. Koogle, who announced his resignation Mar. 7. According to the Internet portal's Apr. 17 announcement of Semel's hire, he'll take the title of chairman and CEO, effective May 1, despite assurances in March from Koogle that he would remain in that capacity. "We want to make sure there's no question who's running the company," explains Koogle, who will stay on as a member of the board.

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