Table: A Diversity of Products--and Challenges

The slowdown has tightened the screws at each of Honeywell's units


AEROSPACE Avionics, including flight safety Unit accounts for 40% of Honey- systems; engines for business and well's sales and has 22% profit regional aircraft; replacement margins, but aircraft orders are parts and repair expected to slow in 2002

AUTOMATION & CONTROL Heating, cooling, security systems Revenues grew in the fourth quarter for homes, commercial buildings, but only because of a previous factory systems, industrial acquisition; automation sales slowing sensors

PERFORMANCE MATERIALS Printed circuit boards, specialty These cyclical businesses are chemicals, plastics, and nylons hurting--fourth-quarter sales fell for auto parts 6%; improvement depends on merger with GE Plastics

POWER & TRANSPORTATION Turbochargers, radiators, brakes Commands a 55% market share for high- and brake parts, FRAM filters, margin turbochargers, but fourth- Prestone antifreeze, spark plugs quarter sales fell 7% and overall profits are weak

Data: JSA Research Inc., First Union Securities Inc., company reports

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