Table: Excess, Excess Everywhere

A sample of where overcapacity exists


Traffic carried over fiber-optic networks is a staggeringly low 2.5% of capacity. Massive overbuilding and weak demand also spells shakeout for local and long-distance carriers.


Facing a global glut, key manufacturers in Taiwan are operating at 70% of capacity, while global capital-spending plans for this year are down roughly 16%.


Everyone from PC, handheld, and server makers to storage companies is getting hit. Palm (PALM ), Compaq (CPQ ), Dell (DELL ), Gateway (GTW ), and Hewlett-Packard (HWP ) have announced layoffs.


Auto makers have added new plants around the globe far faster than sales have grown in recent years. With demand slowing in the U.S., Big Three plant closings are all but certain.


Retailers such as Gap (GPS ) and Ann Taylor (ANN ) have added stores for years--and now that is hurting the sector.


Agencies staffed up for the '90s boom; now those copywriters and account execs are growing idle as ad sales shrink.

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