Table: All the President's Talking Heads

Several members of the Bush Administration have put their personal spin on issues ranging from abortion to taxes--and caused much consternation in the White House

John Dilulio

Head of Office of Faith-Based Initiatives says killing the estate tax may discourage charitable giving. Teeth gnash at White House.

Tommy Thompson

HHS chief infuriates abortion foes by expressing doubts about a ban on fetal stem-cell research. Later recants.

Larry Lindsey

Bush economist says a "front-loaded" tax cut could delay elimination of estate tax. White House calls remarks academic musings.

Christine Whitman

EPA chief spends weeks saying Bush will keep vow to regulate CO2 emissions. Caught flat-footed when Prez abandons promise.

Paul O'Neill

Treasury boss questions whether tax cuts can head off a slump and ridicules the surplus projections the tax plan is based on.

Colin Powell

Secretary of State says thawing relations with North Korea will continue. Bush nixes idea, making Powell look out of the loop.

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