Resume: Jeffrey Adam Dachis

Born: Nov. 20, 1966, Minneapolis, Minn.

Education: State University of New York at Purchase, B.A. in dance and dramatic literature, 1988. M.A. in performing arts administration from New York University, 1992. "I wanted to be the owner of the theater chain, as opposed to one star on one single stage," he says.

Career: During grad school, he ran a guerrilla marketing company, In Your Face, planning beer campaigns such as "Molson Girls," where he set up beach volleyball games. After grad school, he returned to Minneapolis to help run his eldest brother's company, Game Financial, a casino payment services outfit. After about a year, he quit and moved to New York City, where he hooked up with childhood friend Craig Kanarick. In January, 1995, they launched Razorfish to provide Web site design services.

His artistic side: In high school, he deejayed a radio show, produced TV segments for the school stations, took photos for the yearbook, ran the literary magazine, and acted in 30 plays and musicals. His favorite role was Riff, leader of the Jets gang from West Side Story. "I got to do some very cool switchblade dancing," he says.

Sideshows: Dachis heads an entertainment Web site called (for Razorfish Subnetwork) that publishes often-raunchy animated features such as Central Toilet. He also runs a bar, The Slipper Room, in New York City with Kanarick.

Family: Unmarried. Last of seven children (six boys, one girl), all of whom have started their own businesses at one time or another--including a tanning salon and a real estate agency. Father was an insurance salesman, while his mother held a variety of jobs, including running a landscaping business.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, motorcycling. Favorite movie of the moment: Fight Club, for the way the dual personality of the main character was unveiled.

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