Table: Making Wall Street Pay


INVESTORS Negligence in underwriting $10.6 Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, billion AT&T Wireless IPO. Salomon Smith Barney

INVESTORS Negligence in underwriting $1.7 Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, billion IPO of Turkish mobile phone CSFB, Deutsche Bank, UBS operator Turkcell.

INVESTORS Making false and misleading CSFB statements and other misconduct in the $132 million VA Linux IPO.

DUKE & CO CUSTOMERS Fraudulent acts of broker-dealer. Fiserv Correspondent Services District court held clearer Fiserv liable and confirmed NASD award of $1.8 million damages.

LOG ON AMERICA Bad advice in arranging financing CSFB Conflict of interest in advising Log On to buy $47 million investment in Nortel Services. Seeks $750 million damages.

GREENVILLE CASINO Bad advice and fee-gouging in CSFB merger-related mortgage deal. Seeks $550 million damages.

Data: BusinessWeek, Securities Class Action Alert, company reports, Thomson Financial Securities Data Corp.

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