Table: Bill Bennett Inc.


As chairman of K12, an online school for primary and secondary students, Bennett has a substantial equity stake, though he declines to reveal his salary. If President Bush's education reform bill becomes law, K12 stands to gain because it plans to offer testing, charter schools, and an alternative to failing public schools on which parents can use vouchers.


According to Simon & Schuster, there are 5,700,000 copies in print of Bennett's top five best-sellers: The Book of Virtues (1993), The Children's Book of Virtues (1995), The Moral Compass (1995), The Death of Outrage (1998), and The Educated Child (1999). Bennett has earned more than $7 million in royalties over seven years, which he split with his co-authors.


The Adventures from the Book of Virtues series runs on PBS, and is now in its third season. Spin-off merchandise includes board games, audio and videocassettes, and plush toys of the cartoon characters Plato the buffalo and Socrates the prairie dog.


More than 30 per year, at more than $40,000 a shot, according to the Harry Walker Agency.

Data: BusinessWeek

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