Hello, Mr. Chips

Jeremy Selwyn wants to know: What are the best--and the most revolting--of the 10,000 commercial snacks on earth? His quest began during editing stints at a Massachusetts newspaper. First it was local Wachusett ripple potato chips, but soon it was onward to the hard stuff: ketchup chips.

This trail of crumbs led to Taquitos.net, where Selwyn and friends have created a Web site for reviews on 300 snacks so far. When available, links on six-month-old Taquitos.net send you to manufacturers' sites to buy such yummies as papadum garlic masala lentil chips (smell like paint, shaped like communion wafers), Korean cuttlefish snacks (look like Bugles, taste like fish), or Britain's finest: Walkers Pickled Onion Monster Munch ("gross").

What's the best thing Selwyn & Co. have eaten? He votes for Tim's cascade-style potato chips, jalapeno flavored. The most disgusting specimen is a cassava snack from Brazil that looks like packing peanuts. "I took a bite and couldn't go on," Selwyn groans. And imagine: There are 9,700 left to try.

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