Disney's Eisner: "We Are the Most Profitable"

The CEO on the company's rank in the media world, the end of Go.com, and what Walt would say about an AOL-Time Warner-style deal

Walt Disney CEO Michael Eisner invoked the ghost of Mickey Mouse's creator to get in a dig at Time Warner, his longstanding rival, when he met with analysts and investors on Feb. 6 in Anaheim, Calif., to talk about the company's outlook. Ghoulish? Perhaps, but Eisner envisioned Uncle Walt coming back from the grave to chastise him for the potential sin of giving away 65% of his company to merge with a dot-com startup. "[Disney] would say, 'You gave away 65% of my company for Yahoo!?'" Eisner deadpanned for the crowd. Of course, the current Disney CEO doesn't really fear being haunted by his predecessor -- "we all know he's frozen."

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