Has Amazon Lost Its Place?

Amazon.com Inc. doesn't glitter so much these days ("Amazon and Yahoo: All that glitters...," American News, Jan. 8). Since 1997, I have bought about 45 business books from Amazon, and I have always been very pleased with the convenience of the site, the prices, and the deliveries. Until lately, that is. This year, the prices are higher, and I canceled my most recent order (for two books said to be available in two to three days) after the books in question had not been shipped two weeks later.

I tried Barnes & Noble Inc. for the first time. No, the site still doesn't match Amazon's, but my books were shipped promptly and at a better price. In the future, Amazon.com may sell more kitchenware, greeting cards, and holiday decorations--but perhaps fewer books.

Jean Roger Debonneville

Pully, Switzerland

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