From A Sock To A Series

Believe it or not, someone came out of the fiasco a bigger dog than he was before. Yes, we mean the Sock Puppet--sort of.

Michael Ian Black, the 29-year-old actor who brought's Sock Puppet mascot to life, has landed on NBC's Ed, playing Stuckeybowl manager Phil Stubbs. And is he glad. "I don't want to be known as the actor who [had] his hand up a Sock Puppet," he says.

So, how was the eye of the hype hurricane? Quieter than you might think. "I viewed each check as the last," says Black, who won't say how much he made, although he did get some stock that is now worthless. He says he figured buying pet chow online was too big a change for most people. He was right: The best-selling item was the puppet.

The Sock Puppet's pop-culture icon status dawned on Black when the dog hit the cover of Mad magazine. "I thought: `My God, I've made it,"' he says. He has. Now his friends no longer call him a corporate spokespuppet.

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