Thinking Out Of The Cereal Box

CEO Carlos Gutierrez is taking Kellogg in new directions

In many ways, 47-year-old Carlos M. Gutierrez is the ultimate company man. Respectful of authority and intensely loyal, the Cuban-born chairman and CEO of cereal giant Kellogg Co. spent 25 years working his way up the corporate ladder. For a boy uprooted from his home during Fidel Castro's Communist revolution and moved around the U.S. for years afterward, Kellogg, based in Battle Creek, Mich., has offered Gutierrez the stability that was missing from his youth. Indeed, when people ask Gutierrez if he's more comfortable in Latino or American cultures, he says neither--he identifies most with Kellogg. "I've spent more years at Kellogg than anywhere else," he explains.

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