Table: Dot.Conned

George Shaheen, CEO, WebVan (WBVN)

Shaheen, 56, left Andersen Consulting for WebVan, now dangerously low on cash. Meanwhile, Andersen could go public--valued at $25 billion.

Heidi Miller, Former CFO, Priceline.Com (PCLN)

She was one of the top corporate defectors in 2000. Miller, 47, resigned as Citigroup CFO to join Priceline. Eight months later, she quit, seeking "a more established business environment."

Rebecca Mark, Former CEO, Azurix (AZX)

As a high-profile Enron exec and possible heir to then-CEO Kenneth Lay, Mark pushed to create Azurix, an online water exchange, in 1998. Mark, 46, burned up cash, and Azurix' stock tanked. She resigned in August.

Ellen Marram, Former CEO, EFDEX Inc.

After leaving the top job at Tropicana, Marram, 53, moved to EFDEX, an online commodities exchange. Growth stalled, its IPO was halted, and she quit within the year.

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