Linda Wachner, Warnaco

Linda Wachner, CEO at apparel maker Warnaco Group Inc. (WAC) since 1986, has always been known as a tough manager and a fast talker. When Warnaco was doing well, those were considered compliments. They're not anymore. Warnaco surprised investors in November when it said that it had lost $24 million in the third quarter and would lose money for the year. The stock dropped 30% in one day. By late December, it was off 87% for the year. And it's not just investors who have had enough. Designer Calvin Klein, with whom Wachner has a licensing agreement, sued her for mishandling his brand. He described Wachner, 54, as having a "vulgar and unprofessional management style." Wachner, true to form, countersued.

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