Thanks From The Fbi

Gary Weiss has done our nation an invaluable service by reporting the manipulation of the stock market by elements of organized crime. By outlining specific stocks and stock brokerage firms that were controlled by organized crime, he opened the door for FBI investigations in Florida and in New York, and for that we owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude.

The excellent investigative reporting that was carried out by Mr. Weiss provided the impetus for an in-depth probe of the illegal activities of La Cosa Nostra Captain Philip Abramo and other organized-crime figures. Our investigations led to the indictments and subsequent guilty pleas of Abramo and his associates on a variety of federal charges, from racketeering and mail fraud to money laundering. The role Mr. Weiss played in the success we achieved in these investigations is immeasurable, and I want you to know how much my colleagues and I appreciate his diligent efforts.

Please convey to Mr. Weiss our congratulations on a job well done.

Louis J. Freeh

Director, FBI

Justice Dept.


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