Talbots Heats Up By Cooling Down

Returning to classic styles, it goes on a tear

Although the holiday season is in full swing, many of the nation's department stores are acting as if it's mid-January. In a desperate bid to lure shoppers spooked by the slowing economy, they're staging sales and churning out discount coupons. But when Barbara Snowberger, 46, a homemaker from Avon, Conn., set out to spruce up her holiday wardrobe, she left the coupons at home. Instead, she headed for Talbots (TLB), where she picked up some white wool slacks, a black wool blazer, and a blue holiday sweater decorated with snowmen--and paid the full price, totalling around $420, for all three. Snowberger concedes she might have spent less at a department store. "But in the long run, it just isn't worth it," she says. At department stores, "I really have to search to find something I like. And compared to Talbots, their clothing doesn't last as long."

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