"Sally Sez Save The Dot Coms"

With Web companies flaming out daily, Sally Struthers needs your help to save the dot-coms. "All over the world, dot-coms are hurting. They are suffering from faulty business plans and cash-flow shortfalls. They lack earnings and even the most basic of revenue models. In many countries, four out of five dot-coms will die within the next two years..."

This pitch is really just a parody of Struthers' famous ads for Save the Children. The complete version can be found at SatireWire.com, a source of pseudo-news on the New Economy. Founder Andrew Marlatt says it's all in good fun. And Struthers doesn't mind. Her spokesperson says she's "for saving anything but rubber bands and tinfoil balls." So, remember, "for as little as 79 cents a day (or the cost of the average Net stock), you can help..."