Room To Grow

The story about labor shortages, "No One Left to Hire" (Sept. 11), implied our company has given up on growth. In fact, Alessi Manufacturing Corp. has continued to grow in spite of the depleted labor market. To combat the overwhelming shortage of qualified machinists, Alessi has purchased over $3.5 million in modern, state-of-the-art equipment within the past two years. This has enabled us to grow by eliminating some of the technical skills otherwise required in operating manual equipment.

While going through this transition, Alessi had to decline several thousands of dollars of business that could have been handled on existing equipment if skilled help had been available. I think our business could have, and should have, conservatively, grown to be a third larger than it is today had we been able to hire skilled machinists. But we still continue growing to serve our customers.


Alessi Manufacturing Corp.

Collingdale, Pa.

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