Data Dump

If you need new computers but get a headache just thinking about moving data from the old ones, Aloha- Bob's PC-Relocator may provide some virtual aspirin. AlohaBob, from Eisenworld Inc. (, will clone your hard drives. Just hook up the two computers, using a cable or network connection, and then run programs from floppies on each computer. The software takes care of the rest. You won't have to locate program CDs to reinstall applications, recreate configurations and dial-up settings, reconstruct desktops, or copy data. The $49.95 AlohaBob isn't perfect: For example, it doesn't let you choose applications or data to transfer--it's an all-or-nothing deal. But if you want something that smoothes the copying of applications and data to new computers, AlohaBob's PC-Relocator does the job.

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