Merrill's Tech Guru Draws The Big Picture

Steven Milunovich is bullish on the Internet buildout

Wall Street brokerage firms employ armies of analysts to cover technology stocks, but nearly all focus on a narrow group, such as e-commerce companies, networkers, or PC makers. That's why Merrill Lynch (MER) named veteran computer analyst Steven Milunovich as its global technology strategist, a new position for the firm.

Milunovich's job is to synthesize the ideas of Merrill's 110 technology analysts who cover nearly 500 companies into coherent advice. He is to focus on big-picture trends, which are often neglected by analysts caught up in quarterly earnings forecasts. Given Merrill's vast reach, with 15,900 brokers serving over six million households, Milunovich's views could become influential. Personal Finance Editor Susan Scherreik recently spoke to Milunovich, 40, about technology investing.

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