Getting You Out Of Gridlock

TrafficStation is moving fast, but it has to get around some major roadblocks of its own

Geoff Halstead may be the only guy in Los Angeles who loves traffic. That's because it's his business and his obsession. Halstead, co-founder and CEO of TrafficStation Inc., still cringes at the memory of missing a meeting in Chicago two years ago because he was stuck in a car jam for five hours. He fantasizes about how that scene might play out in a year or two: A computer would call his cell phone to warn him of the gridlock ahead and direct him to an alternate route. "It would be as if the radio traffic guy were available on demand and he actually cared about your specific problem," Halstead says from his 16th-floor office in downtown L.A., where he has clear views of several of the city's worst bottlenecks.

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