He'll Lick `Em Yet

Real estate developer Arthur Sweet's latest project is the size of a postage stamp. Indeed, it is a postage stamp. Sweet, 74, wants the U.S. Postal Service to pay philatelic tribute to America's small businesses.

So far, the idea hasn't stuck. The Postal Service's Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee receives about 40,000 proposals for new stamps every year, and Sweet's was returned to sender in October, 1999. A Postal Service spokesperson says small business "may be too general a topic. The idea is to commemorate something historical."

But Sweet thinks he'll put his stamp on things yet. He hopes a public outcry will save his project, just as it saved the Elvis Presley and Audie Murphy stamps. "We're the economic engine of the 21st century," says Sweet. "We deserve a stamp." Sweet has persuaded 61 members of Congress to sign a letter in support. You can post your support at www.nsbu.org/stamp/signpetition.htm--no postage required.

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