You're How Old?

Our editor says she's "wise." Now, we know how long it took her to get that way. Her birthday is among 135 million birth records at, the first free site of its kind.

Anybirthday says users find friends' birthdays and buy them gifts. Anybirthday gets revenue from e-stores' referral fees and a sister site that sells data. But bosses and other business folks like Anybirthday, too. Law firm Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll recommends it for criminal background checks. "Before, only the powers that be had access to this information," says Anybirthday CEO Chris Skeeles. "Now, it's available to the public." And to fraudsters, says Privacy Forum co-founder Lauren Weinstein. He thinks Skeeles shouldn't be able to release data without subjects' O.K. But with no new laws in sight, all you "39-year-olds," look out.

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