Shirttail E Mail

Yeah, the Web's great. But will it help you get lucky? Maybe, says Skim, a Zurich-based collective of artists, designers, and marketers with a wired take on fashion. Skim's Network Denim line may seem overpriced and trendy, but a unique e-mail address is stitched onto each $134 Merino wool pullover or the $350 leather coat. The idea is that you'll be at a bar in Stuttgart, potential mates will note your fine looks and fashion sense, and drop a line. "Flirting is human," says co-founder Johannes Eisenhut (Network Denim dates: zero). "The point is to create a community and the possibility that I can walk around, and give and get feedback from other people."

It's a good enough line to get Skim rack space in some 200 department stores in 15 countries. Revenues are expected to top $1 million by January. And no, the business model isn't based on matchmaking commissions.

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