Gee, isn't the Web cool. Forget studying foreign languages to stay in touch with your non-English speaking pen pals. Today, Web sites do the work for you. Just hit the "translate" button, and out pops the message in another language. To give it a whirl, we used to translate this paragraph from English to Spanish to Italian to German to French and then back to English. Accurate? Judge for yourself:

Gee is not the freshness of the texture. She/it forgets to learn languages foreign, to remain in contact, with is odd, English that him down if speak, friends. Today this Place of the texture she/it makes this/those--here Work for her. Merely this stationary, translate this button, and it was this The exploded the news in another The language. Him a fast rotation if makes, we accustom ourselves us the one--here to translate me paragraphiere of the English to Spanish too Italian too much German to the French and then behind to English. Precise? You appreciate for her.

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