But You Knew That

Did you ever figure out that weird dream you had about Bill Gates, a white goat, and the carload of midgets? Maybe you should visit 800Predict.com and consult one of its mystics. We decided to test how good they are. We pitted one of 800Predict's gurus (Amber, who reads Tarot cards) against that prediction institution, the Magic 8 Ball.

Question: Will the government approve the AOL-Time Warner (AOL) merger?

Amber: The Seven of Cups in the Future indicates no. Things will not go smoothly as some expect.

Magic 8 Ball: It is decidedly so.

Question: Will Microsoft (MSFT) really be broken up?

Amber: The cards indicate the Sun in the Future, which means things won't go as Microsoft wishes. Microsoft will have to break up to a certain extent.

Magic 8 Ball: Better not tell you now.

Question: Will Amazon.com (AMZN) ever become profitable?

Amber: Amazon will require help from another source or company in order to keep its head above water.

Magic 8 Ball: It is certain.

Question: Will DSL beat cable modems as the country's favored broadband connection?

Amber: According to the cards (Ten of Cups, Domestic Tranquility), cable will win out eventually.

Magic 8 Ball: Signs point to yes.

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