This Studio Is A Sequel Itself

Carolco, famous for huge hits and memorable flops, is back as C-2 with Basic Instinct and Terminator follow-ups

Sometimes you have to love Hollywood. The last time I thought about Mario Kassar and Andy Vajna was in 1996, when Carolco Pictures, the movie company they started, was heading to its final roundup. Burdened with mountains of debt, a slew of bad deals, and a string of flops, such as 1995's Cutthroat Island, the company filed for bankruptcy and was being auctioned off. After a tepid bidding contest, French pay TV channel Canal+ plunked down the relatively paltry amount of $58 million for the remnants of a once-great film studio that had produced such blockbusters as Rambo, Total Recall, and Red Heat.

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